Council for Children’s Rights (CFCR) is a non-profit child advocacy group that in part, represents the interests of minor children in certain child custody disputes in Mecklenburg county, NC.

One of our Charlotte based child custody lawyers wrote a blog from her experience of having CFCR involved in some of her Charlotte-Mecklenburg county based child custody cases, which answers a number of questions, including: Who is CFCR and why are they appointed to cases?  What does CFCR do?  Do the parties have to pay for CFCR’s services?  What can a parent do to help get CFCR on their side of a case?  Is a judge bound by CFCR’s opinion?

View our full blog on council for children’s rights involvement in Mecklenburg County child custody cases for an in depth look at these questions.

In short, and in relation only to CFCR’s role in child custody cases, CFCR is appointed to represent the interests of a minor child involved in a child custody dispute, and they will do everything and anything necessary to investigate the parties involved and other potential witnesses to determine what is in the best interests of the minor child.  It does cost extra money to have CFCR appointed, the cost is typically split between the parties, and the cost may be pro-rated on a sliding scale depending on income levels.  It is important to have CFCR on your side in a child custody dispute, as their input, while not binding, will typically have a major impact on the ruling of the presiding judge.

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