Child custody cases are often hard fought battles.  Add a potential long-distance move to the mix and a complex scenario becomes further complicated.  In North Carolina, Relocation cases must be decided by the same “best interests of the child” standard as all child custody cases.  However, there are additional factors that must be considered specifically in relocation cases.  Our blog on relocation in NC child custody cases details a number of considerations to keep in mind when involved in a relocation matter, and discusses relocation factors, non-relocation clauses, and potential outcomes.

In short, a judge must consider the benefits of the move to the child, the reasoning of the custodial parent in seeking the move, the chances that the custodial parent will comply with a NC order after leaving the state; the reasoning of the non-relocating party in disagreeing with the move; and the ability to arrange a custodial schedule that will allow the minor child to maintain a positive relationship with the non-moving party.

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