Child Support can be a complicated topic under North Carolina law.  If facing a child support issue, it is important to seek competent legal assistance in your area. Please note that the following is not meant to provide legal advice and should not be relied upon without consultation with an attorney.  One of our NC child support lawyers recently wrote a blog on the topic which discusses 7 important facts about child support in North Carolina.  In short, child support and child custody are independent matters; the NC Child Support Guidelines are used in most cases; there is a child support calculator that may be used for guidelines cases; the guidelines presume that the recipient of child support will claim the child on his or her taxes; incomes of spouses of parents involved in a child support dispute are not typically taken into consideration; child support can be awarded retroactively; and paying too little child support can open the payor up to paying for the recipient’s attorney fees.  For more on these topics, click on the link above to view our full blog.

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