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A child custody court order is designed to specifically lay out the rights and obligations of parents as they relate to the minor child involved in a custody dispute.  A child custody order contains a number of provisions related to the legal and physical custody of the minor child involved.  In addition, a custody order may also contain a number of additional provisions that speak to miscellaneous rights and obligations of the parties involved, such as provisions that: discourage negative talk about the other parent in front of the child; provide equal access to medical and school records to each parent; require each parent to have reasonable phone access to the child when the child is with the other parent; and require the parties to keep each other informed of their respective contact info;

For more, view our full blog on the topic in which our Charlotte child custody lawyers pulled 20 common child custody order provisions.  We find that some provisions are standard across most custody orders while each case also typically has it’s own specialized provisions to fit the individual needs to the parties involved.  We also find that more detail and artful drafting on the front end can lead to less conflict and confusion down the road for the parties involved.

Posted by Bill Hunter
Hunter & Hein, Attorneys at Law, PLLC