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Hiring an attorney is a big investment for most people.  As such, it is important to ask questions on the front end to understand how your relationship will work, and to set expectations moving forward.  The following are some suggestions as a starting point for your list of questions:

How much can you afford to spend?

How experienced is your attorney and does his or her experience match the type of service you need?

How complex is your case and who will actually be completing the work on your case?

What is the estimate of the cost of your case and what type of billing options does the firm offer?

How fast can work begin on your case?

How long will it take to complete all of the work on your case?

What are the possible outcomes in my case and what is the most likely outcome?

For a discussion on these questions and a few others, view our full blog on the topic of questions to consider when hiring a lawyer.

Posted by Bill Hunter
Hunter & Hein, Attorneys at Law, PLLC